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TMH#5 ---> 47th Street

by Valentine Gallardo , Alexander Robyn , Nina Van Denbempt , Mathilde Vangheluwe , Jana Vasiljević , Nina Vandeweghe , and Gabri Molist ,


A glass bird sculpture falls on the ground when Sartre puts his hand down on the table, BAM! Someone puts a new record (vinyl, of course) - Pollock's wife calls the landline to say that her husband should come home immediately. Napoleon makes a move on Sylvia - Sylvia was lost, but they found her with her head in the oven, what a party pooper! The ashtray smokes on and on. After being lost the whole time, Warhol enters the main room where the party is at. Too Late! He missed it, he was talking to Edie the whole time. Only dirty dishes are left


------> 1 party, 7 artists, 6 titties
+ special guest Gabri Molist

editors Nina Vandeweghe & Nina Van Denbempt

--digital print
--b/w + color