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Your Future So Far

by Valentine Gallardo , Alexander Robyn , and Jana Vasiljević ,


Captain's Log - Stardate 5784.3
Spiritual guide Dr. Michael was endeavouring to treat the remaining members of a strange group of people when he got captured. Left to fight off ancient alien brains and retrieve their comrades, Valentine, Alexander and Jana transported themselves into their own future, in an attempt to fool the big corporation ACE.inc, and free their fellow humans from the grip of mind controlling CEOs.

This is the latest collection of short stories by Tieten Met Haar: Your Future So Far. The book might answer some of your questions, and leave you with many more, like: Whatever happened to Carlos? What do Moments taste like? Who is Midnight Moose? Will we go out and dance tonight? And what is your future so far?

Released September 2017
Full colour